25 January 2022
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Ceramics has a prominent role in the decorative arts exhibited at the Ajuda National Palace, whose collection includes c. 17,000 pieces of porcelain, earthenware/faience and stoneware. Of European or Eastern manufacture, with utilitarian or decorative functions, ceramics marked the daily life of the Royal Household, where pieces from the Crown collections, especially Chinese export porcelain, diplomatic gifts and European ceramics, mostly German or French, acquired to the best suppliers. The Saxe Room, a testimony of that time and of the Queen’s taste, displays a profusion of porcelain from the Meissen manufacture, from furniture to figurines, undeniably an echo of 18th century porcelain cabinets. The ceramics collection, which is representative of the stylistic movements and of the technical innovations of the 19th century, contains specimens dating from the 16th to the early 20th centuries.uries.

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