25 January 2022
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The furniture set of the Ajuda National Palace was assembled by the Royal House over the 2nd half of the 19th century and is now, as in the past, a mirror of its European counterparts. Continuously enriched in a time of prosperity, where copy reached its highest point, the collection exemplifies the eclecticism of that era: multiple European styles mixed with Oriental, exotic and naturalist influences. There is a distinct taste for contrasts combined with the requirement of comfort and functionality in this collection of Portuguese and foreign authors, among which: Leandro Braga, Sormani, Lelarge, I. Lebas, C. Chevigny, Giroux, Quignon, Boudet, M. Krieger and Escalier de Cristal. About 80% of the pieces are to be seen in the ambience created by the royal family. Their display has been historically ascertained.

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