21 January 2022
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PNA, inv. 55010 Due to the variety of authors and species gathered, it is an emblematic collection whose route allows tracing the history of photography in Portugal. It contains multiple typologies, from albumins, to cyanotype, daguerreotype, photoengraving, miniatures, glass plates, painted species, magnified, in albums, etc., with multiple formats and media types - card, porcelain, fabric, and enamel, among others. Although a large proportion is unsigned, the c. 7.000 collection pieces represent more than 300 photographers. In Portugal, A. Fillon, A. Bobone, Novaes, Camacho, C. Relvas, Cifka, E. Biel, F. A. Gomes, Fritz and H. Nunes stand out, as well as several members of the Royal family. Foreign authors worth highlighting are Nadar, Disdéri, Chanaz, Le Lieure, J. Laurent, Montabone, Numa Blanc, M. Baldet, Otto and Reutlinger, among many others.

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