21 January 2022
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To provide, to guide, to motivate – this is our educational and cultural mission. Besides conservation and study, entrusted to other departments, the Educational Service is specifically in charge of the educational function, in a broad sense and from a cultural dynamics standpoint. 
We favour a personalized relationship with the public and our goal is to contribute to the training of people who are sensitive to everything around them, with a reflexive and questioning attitude. We are more and more interested in diversifying our offers, directed towards the various types of public.
The Education Service offers specific programmes for schools, ranging from the preschool level to the secondary level

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Maria Fernanda Santos, Fátima Patacho, Teresa Marecos.

Telephone: (+351) 21 3637095 / 21 3620264
Fax: (+351) 21 3648223

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