06 March 2021
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In the original 1802 palace design, there was no specific area marked out for the dining room. The decoration of this room, carried out in the 1880s, followed the style then in vogue: Neo-renaissance. All the chestnut ornamentation is by Leandro Braga, who incorporated fragments of 16th and 17th century carving, a characteristic practice of 19th century eclecticism.
This family room was used on a daily basis. At the State Table sat the King, the Queen, Prince Afonso, the dignitaries in service and, at times, an invited guest. The arrangement of the table, inspired by the Arte de Servir à Mesa (The Art of Serving at Table) written by the famous cook, João da Mata (1870), follows the canons of the time.
Last Update: 07 August 2014
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