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National Palace of Ajuda - Assignement of SpacesGeneral Rules.pdf

General Terms and Conditions:
1. The realization of any event in the National Palace of Ajuda
depends on a joint authorization from the Directorate - General for
Cultural Heritage/ DGPC, and the Presidency of the Portuguese
2. The request should be made in writing, not less than thirty days in
advance of the date required, and must contain a detailed description
of the activities involved.
3. No authorization will be given to activities of personal nature or
those that in some way collide or do not fit in with the cultural or
architectural atmosphere or dignity of the monument.
4. Commercial activities will not be allowed. Institutional, social,
cultural or promotional events can take place in authorized spaces.
5. During the events it is compulsory that Palace security staff is
present. If needed, a fire picket can be requested.
6. It is compulsory that the users take out a public liability insurance
to cover all risks arising in the use of the spaces. A copy of the
insurance policy must be presented 48 hours in advanceAll these events may also include a visit to the Palace.
7. The amount fixed for the use of spaces is to be paid in two
instalments, as follows: 30% with the signing of a written agreement
(Appendix I), and the remaining 70% within 30 days of the closing
date of the event. Payments can be done by bank transfer to the
account IBAN: PT50078101120112001402084.
8. The above mentioned fee does not include the charges for PNA
security staff, to determine for each event.
9. Transport, mounting and dismounting of the necessary material
and equipments are the user’s responsibility, under the supervision of
the Palace staff.
10. The identification of the different provider’s employees should be
delivered in advance to the Palace Events Coordinator.
11. In what concerns the floral decoration, the user should respect the
indications supplied by the Palace as to, both the type of decoration to
be carried out, and the appropriate locations to be used.
12. The bringing in of decoration or publicity elements must be
approved by the Monument’s Direction.
13. The logotype of the Palace should be included on all graphic
material produced for events organized in partnership or cooperation
with the Palace.
14. Catering should be carried out by approved suppliers, indicated in
Appendix II. In cases when this is not possible, the choice of the
caterer and menu should be previously submitted in writing, for
approval by the Direction of the Palace.
15. The realization of the events, including dismounting of equipment,
cannot continue later than 02.00 a.m.
16. The palace is not air- conditioned. For safety reasons gas heating is
not permitted.
17. For legal reasons and for safety and conservation of the collections,
smoking is forbidden in the Monument.
18. We forewarn about the impossibility of using the spaces in the
event of the Palace being requisitioned for the use of His Excellency
the President of the Portuguese Republic, or other State functions.

Timetable: from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

For further details or suitable arrangements to your event, do not hesitate to call us.